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Stress is one thing I really struggle to deal with, I hate the way stress makes me feel and I think sometimes it can have a massive impact on my personality and the way I react to certain situations, which is normal, everyone reacts and deals with stress in different ways, but how you deal with the stress and learn to overcome can be the same as anyone else.

I focus a lot of my blog about mental wellness and having self care days, because I am writing in a different headspace now, and I understand how important it is to spend 5 minutes a day just doing you, just focusing on you.¬†One way that I do this is through meditation, wether it’s 5 minutes before I go to sleep or on my way to work, I always make time to mediate and relax.

These apps have been extremely useful in helping me find time to take care of myself whilst on the go so I thought I would share them with you.


Headspace is by far my favourite app to use, it covers 1-3 minute sessions which are perfect when you have very little time, to packs of sessions covering a range of different topics including anxiety, stress, happiness and work. One of my favourite features is the mediation sessions based on the your environment, if your commuting, walking in a park or cooking, they have everything covered for you!


I use this app every night before I go to bed, I love the sleep stores they offer and the 7 days of calm. I found it really easy to get into the cycle of meditating every night using this app.

Meditation apps


The Inslight timer has been my most recent discovery but one I love the most. This app has over 2000 podcasts to listen too regarding managing stress which is perfect for my meditation journey. They also cover a lot of other topics as well which I have found really useful.


I really like this app because you get the option to say how you feel, and it brings up a multiple difference options based on your emotions. It’s worth paying for this app as you don’t get much access for the free version.


Similar to Aura, this app has a 5 step process that goes through your physical, mental and emotional state to give you personalised results and actions. I really like playing around with this app as you get a lot for free. You can easily track your progress and see how far you have come.

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