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Oh how fast the past year has flown by..I’m now 20.. WHAT?!

How the hell am I 20? I am sat wondering where the time has gone; it only felt like yesterday I was getting dressed up for my year 11 prom at the age of 16. The past year has been a major rollercoaster for me, starting a total of 3 new jobs, moving to the other side of the world, surprising myself with what I can achieve and meeting someone who has helped create the person I am today.

This day one year ago I was a totally different place, both mentally and physically. Things were pretty rocky with my family so I was staying with my friend, Charlotte at the time. In the morning I jumped on the train with my Auntie to London to complete my medical for my New Zealand Visa. The Afternoon was full of sadness and next to no celebrations. I wasn’t in the mood to celebrate my birthday to be honest, but my friends from work had planned a surprise birthday shindig at Charlottes in the evening and I was so grateful, it was the first birthday I had celebrated properly in a while.

Happy birthday to me

October. October saw my final preparations for moving to New Zealand, I booked my flights, got my visa approved and packed my suitcase ready for my next big adventure.. Starting a life the other side of the world. It was full of emotions, saying goodbye to my friends and family, not knowing when/if I would see them again. One memory I will cherish forever is spending my last day with my closest girl friend I have ever had, Chelsea. Going through school we were never close, I didn’t think I had even said one word to her, but since we started working together, we had form a great friendship and bond, something I had never experienced before. The day before I left, we went and chilled with her horse, something we did together most days after work, and then drove to Tescos to buy a few snacks for my flights in the morning. I was so sad to leave my closest girl friend, and I miss her so much, but fingers crossed she will fly over here next year..I cannot wait!!

Happy birthday to me

November. November saw my first day in New Zealand and my first Tinder date. I spent the month getting my head around where I lived, I think I walked to work using google maps for the first 3 weeks. The 17th November marks the day I first met Brian on our tinder date – who knew nearly one year later I would be living with him.

Happy birthday to me

December, January, February, March. These four months felt like they had flown by. I visited my family in Brisbane for Christmas and New Years and I spent the rest of my time exploring and making so many memories in Auckland. I jet skied for the first time and had pretty much eaten my way around the city. This was the time I first started to feel settled and started making friends of my own.

Happy birthday to me

April, May, June, July. April was the month Brian and I leased our first house together; a decent sized house where we live with our 4 friends. I travelled as much as I could with Brian, I visited Rotorua for the first time and found my love for snowboarding too. I also applied for a partnership to work visa so I could work in New Zealand for another 12 months.

Happy birthday to me

August. August was a month of craziness. I booked a last minute flight to Brisbane to visit my parents for the first time since moving to New Zealand and to surprise my Dad for his birthday, something I am SO glad I have done now. I got my visa approved and received a new job offer on the same day- lots of celebrating was in order!

Happy birthday to me


I am now celebrating my 20th with the best people around me and I am in the best place mentally and physically that I can be. Looking back, I have changed within myself so much over the past 12 months and I am so happy with where I stand, physically, mentally, socially and professionally. Things couldn’t get much better if I’m being honest. I cannot wait for another 12 months of this rollercoaster.

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