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Starting to build Bridges.

For those of you who have followed this blog since the ‘It’s a girl thing’ days will know that the relationship I share with my parents is somewhat turbulent. Don’t get me wrong, they are my parents and I love them, we have good days, but we also have very bad days.

The reasons why I left for New Zealand is for another blog post, but the relationship I have with my parents played a bit part, I needed to start somewhere new for both their and my sake, and I know looking back now it was probably the best move I’ve made in terms of building bridges with my parents again.

To cut a long story short, I hadn’t seen my parents since I left in November last year.. until last week. They were on a family holiday visiting my cousins who live in Brisbane, Australia so they were only a 3 hour plane journey away from me. One thing I have always longed for is a happy and healthy relationship with my parents that I see so many of my friends having, so I knew if I wanted to start building bridges with them, I had to start somewhere.

Building Bridges

It was my dad’s birthday on the 7th August, so I messaged my mum late on the 6th (last minute as usual) to see if they had plans in the morning so I could surprise my dad for his birthday. Luckily they weren’t going out until a little later in the morning so I had time catch the first flight to Brisbane from Auckland on my dads birthday. So that’s what I did.

I cannot lie, I didn’t have a very good sleep at all. I was full of emotions, what was it going to be like? What if I want to crawl away back to Auckland as soon as I get there? What if we argue? So many what if’s, but I knew I couldn’t back down.

After what felt like a 12 hour flight, a few tears and hugs I was reunited with my family for the week. I am so glad I made the effort to go over and see them so we could start building bridges again. Deep down I had really missed them, it was lovely to be apart of the family again. Towards the end of the week I was starting to feel ready to fly back to Auckland and get back to the life I have created for myself, but I can’t expect things to be hunky dory straight away, can I? At least we have the built the first bridge in starting a healthy relationship again.

Building Bridges

IF you ever find yourself in a situation, wether it’s a friend or family and you feel like it’s time to start building bridges back to a healthy relationship. make the effort, trying is the best thing you can do, and if the feelings aren’t mutual, at least You were the one who tried.

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