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Sunday Brunch in Newmarket

You all know how much I love eating out, I tend to eat out every weekend so I’ve visited a fair share of restaurants and cafes over the past 6 months. One cafe that Brian and I regularly go back and grab Sunday brunch is at Cali’s All Day Eatery in Newmarket. I love Newmarket during the colder seasons because they have the best shopping selection in my opinion and what else is there to do in the winter in Auckland when the weather is miserable?!

Sunday Brunch

Going out for Sunday brunch was never something that I did that much over in the UK, however since living in Auckland, I’ve certainly embraced the idea, although, I haven’t quiet adjusted to having cold coffee yet!! It’s become a running joke between my friends and I that they all go for iced americano’s and I stick to getting a cappuccino.. even in the summer.

Brian is the type of person to go to a restaurant and have the same thing every time, however I like to mix it up and try something new every time I go out to eat, this weekend I went for a buddha bowl. Bowl type food has been a massive craze out here in Auckland over the past couple of months, and I never really understood the craze to be honest, I’d much prefer to have a set meal on a plate rather than have everything thrown into one bowl, never less I thought I would try it out and see if I could get into the bowl craze and then I could visit the smoothie bowl cafe’s out here!

Sunday Brunch

I must admit, I can’t say I’m overly hooked on the idea still but it still tasted delicious. The Buddha bowl comes with veggies, hummus & grains, raspberry dressing and your choice of either spiced chicken breast or marinated tuna, I went for spiced chicken, I’ve never been a huge lover of spicy food but the chicken wasn’t too spicy which was nice. Brian went for the classic fish and chips, which he said was delicious, I mean, I’m fairly sure he’s eaten it every time so it must be good!

I was a little bit optimistic trying a sweet raspberry dressing with the savoury chicken, but it really complimented each other. It reminds me of a time in food technology at school when I made frankfurter hot dogs with chocolate sauce.. sounds awful right? but guess what, they were so tasty! Discovering new food types like this really excites me!!


Newmarket is definitely more upmarket that other parts of Auckland so you tend to just expect to pay a bit more for food. For 2 meals and 2 coffees it cost $55 so around £25, which to be fair is pretty good value for a cafe considering the area. You also get pretty good serving sizes for the price, I was too full to finish the buddha bowl, which is rare for me!

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  • Jenny in Neverland
    2 years ago

    Both those meals look absolutely delicious! I’m also usually a bit wary about sweet and savory together but that does sound quite yummy! I like the look of the bowls – I do love a bit of a mish-mash meal!

  • Sandra Black
    2 years ago

    That looked like a really nice meal. I often think that it all depends on where you are living as to how often you will eat out. Here in NI not as often as we did when we lived in the US and also in Belgium, however we do find ourselves eating out more than we used to now in NI so maybe the seasons of our life have something to do with it as well.

  • Brian
    2 years ago

    Good coffee, good meal, great company, perfect Saturday that was!

  • Amy
    2 years ago

    Veggie bowls look so good! Your food looks amazing and it’s so nice to try something different rather than settling for your usual.

    Amy |

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