48 hours in Rotorua
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48 Hours in Rotorua, New Zealand

It’s safe to say last weekend was pretty crazy, you guys will know much I really want to travel and see more of New Zealand, so with long weekend for the Queenie’s birthday coming up, we booked a very last minute short weekend break to Rotorua. Don’t you think spontaneous trips are always the best?! I had one of the best weekends I’ve had since being in New Zealand but it went so fast so I thought I would remiss on the best weekend yet!


Rotorua wasn’t somewhere I was really aware of when I was back home, and although since coming out here I’ve heard a lot about it, I wasn’t really too sure what to expect as the town is so small yet so touristy. The weather for the weekend was meant to be rain, however we were really lucky with the weather on Saturday and we managed to see so much.

We stayed at the Palms Regal Resort which was perfect, the bathroom was amazing; it had a massive spa pool, you guys know how much I LOVE baths so this was a massive tick, Brian and I love fun activities, so having a mini golf course and tennis courts was also a massive hit.

If your after something that has everything on your door step then this is the one.

-Kuirau Park-

Kuirau Park is one of the very few places I’ve been too and was so amazed by how insane the world can be sometimes. Rotorua is a geothermic active town so there heaps of crater lakes, hot springs and mud pools. I’d recommend that you head to Kuriau Park during the winter months because thats when the lake will be full of steam!

Kuirau Park Kuirau Park

– Redwoods- 

There is a Redwoods Treewalk you can do which takes you right through the woods at least 6 meters suspended in the air; I would have loved to do this but we didn’t have a great deal of time because we really wanted to go until the mountain before it got dark so we decided to talk a stroll in the woods instead which was beautiful. I don’t think I’ll ever forget the smell of the trees.

Redwoods Treewalk

Redwoods Treewalk

-Skyline and Luge-

This is possibly the best fun I’ve had in ages and 100% recommend anyone who comes to Rotorua. Grab a ride on the Gondola’s up the mountain and race in a luge down, if you follow Brian on Instagram you would of known that I beat him a strong 2/5 times, not bad for my first go I thought. Or you can be more adventurous and take a ride on the skyswing.. you will never catch me on this! The mountain offers a beautiful view looking over the city of Rotorua which was so lovely to view at dusk- if you can, try and get the later Gondola so you can watch the sunset over the city as well a luge at night.

Skyline Skyline

-Polynesian Spa-

One of the main reasons for this trip was relaxation because both Brian and I have worked hard and had a lot on, so we both needed some TLC, and what better way to spend a Sunday than overlooking the lake in a warm hot pool?! Polynesian Spa is a must if you are heading to Rotorua, you can check out my review if you want to find out some more information! It was the perfect finish to a great weekend.  Polynesian Spa Polynesian Spa

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