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Sunset Walks

If you have followed my blog or Instagram over the past few months you will know how much I love walking around One Tree Hill, especially now that the weather is getting warmer and the nights are finally getting lighter. I’ve been pretty stressed out this week so I thought one evening after work I would walk up One Tree Hill and watch the sunset over the city.. my god it was beautiful. Whenever I’m feeling stressed I always find that getting some fresh air and space really helps me to process my thought and feel better and this walk helped me out so much. I thought I would share with you some of my favourite photos from the sunset.

One tree hill sunset One tree hill sunset One tree hill sunset One tree hill sunset One tree hill sunset

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  • Sunday🌻
  • Pulled this out of the hat today 🎩🐰
  • Last Fridayy🌏
  • Happy 🐫 day. 
Sorry for the continuous road trip spam- there’s more to come 😉🌏
  • Another day, another outfit change, another adventure. 
Back to reality today, here’s to a good week ahead👌🏼
  • So grateful to be able to travel and explore such a beautiful country. 
This weekend has put a lot in perspective for me💭
  • 2 girls 1 van. We made it to the top of New Zealand.. what an adventure😍 we live in an amazing world! 🌏
  • Road trip weekend, cya Auckland🗻

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