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Dinner at Moto Sushi

Moto Sushi is a little Japanese style restaurant tucked away in the heart of Parnell Road, Brian took me here on our second date and since then it’s become one of our favourite places to have date night – I must admit I’m still very English and love my roast dinners and the thought of having rice or noodles everyday doesn’t turn me on at all.. this has become very hard since dating Brian, who comes from Hong Kong and lives on a noodle diet. Moto Sushi

But we normally compromise with each other and will eat ‘white man food’ on a Saturday and then on Sunday we will go and eat Asian style foods. Whenever Moto Sushi is on the cards for date night I will pick this over any ‘white man’ restaurant.

I’ll admit I have the same dish every time I go there, but it’s one of my favourite things to eat and it’s good value for money too! My go to dish is the Salmon Bento Box, Brian will no doubt always go to the dinner or special bento box too because you get a bit of everything and it’s enough to fill both of us up – which is a plus because Brian could eat a horse and still feel hungry!

Moto Sushi

For $18.50 you get Rice, Miso, and the Salmon Dinner box, which is delicious, I would recommend the salmon bento box if your not a massive fan of Asian style foods and you want to be safe and not too adventurous (basically me) as you cannot go wrong with teriyaki salmon, sushi and tempura – (deep fried vegetables). moto sushi

If your planning to go to Moto Sushi during the weekend, (they don’t open on a Sunday) I would say try and either go for either an early dinner (around 5:30-6:30) or after 8, it’s open until 10pm, but it can get very busy and once the tables are full your only option are benches at the front of the restaurant which can become a tight fit once you have a 2 bento boxes and drinks.

Moto Sushi

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