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My Top 5 Apps To Find Recipe Inspiration

Recipes apps

I’ve always loved my food ever since I was small, so when I left home and started to cook for myself everyday I really wanted to continue to cook and eat the food I loved as well as try meals that I hadn’t had before rather than resort to easy and cheap microwave meals. I use my phone for pretty much everything I can so I have everything organised into one device/place, so finding some recipe apps that are really good was a must when I came to New Zealand. I thought I would share with you a few of my favourite apps that I use when I cook.

Jamie Oliver Recipes

I’ve used Jamie Oliver recipes ever since I lived at home because he has so many classic English dishes that I love. One of the reasons why I love this app is 52 tips/tricks videos, from buying meat to gut and scaling fish, I’ve learnt a lot since using this app and I would recommend you getting this app to try out some proper English recipes!


Pinterest is my go to app for pretty much everything. I have created a recipe board which you are welcome to check out and try out some of the recipes I have tried.  I’ll be honest, I’ve had a few hit and miss with recipes because a lot of them are written in cups whereas I formally use grams and ounces, I still struggle to convert them but there a thousands of recipes on Pinterest, I love looking at the baking recipes the most.

recipes apps

Kitchen Stories

Kitchen Stories is hands down my favourite app for recipes, they have a mixture of classic recipes like lasagna or carbonara as well as exotic recipes like eggplant Invlotini and Turkish scrambled eggs. The easy photo step by step guides make cooking new meals a very easy process. I also really love the shopping list feature, I try to plan my meals out Monday-Friday and I am able to do this via the app as I can add 5 meals to my shopping list and simply do my weekly shop just using the app.


Mealime is another one of my favourites for finding new recipes, I tend to use this app whenever I have food left over at the end of the week because you can search for recipes based on a food type, for example chicken or salad so this ensures that I hardly ever throw food away.

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8fit Workouts and Meal Plans 

This is probably the only fitness app that I love to use because you can find both workouts and healthy meals, it’s really good for getting your workout/weight goals and using the app recipes and exercises to help you reach these!

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