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Ramen – The perfect thing to eat on a cold day!

Yes, I know it’s just turned spring, and yes I know I live in New Zealand, which is in the tropics and MEANT to be warm, but trust me, I’m still going to bed with the heater on so I’m still classing it as winter! Whenever the weather is cold Im always on the look out for something warm and comforting to eat; there are no decent British pubs around me so a steak and kidney pie is off the menu- I needed to find the next best thing!

Wagamama ramen

Brian introduced me to Ramen a while back, which I think is probably one of the best things you can eat on a cold day. Ramen, is a Japanese dish. It consists of Chinese-style wheat noodles served in a meat or fish-based broth, often flavoured with soy sauce or miso.

I had heard from a few different people that Wagamama’s Ramen was worth the try and you guys will know how much I love food, so I knew I had to check it out! Brian and I decided to take a trip to Sylvia Park for a quick shopping trip so we stopped in Wagamama’s for a bit of lunch. I’d actually never eaten in Wagamama’s before – Brian has a couple of times and really enjoyed the food so was looking forward to trying out a Ramen dish.


Wagamama’s offer 6 different types of Ramen so the choice was very difficult, but after a long decision I decided to go for the Chicken Ramen and Brian tried the Wagamama Ramen. I think I will be re-visiting to try out the other 5 (no joke here) 

Chicken Ramen – grilled chicken on top of noodles in a rich chicken broth with dashi and miso. topped with greens, menma and spring onions 

Wagamama Ramen –  grilled chicken, seasoned pork, chikuwa, shell-on prawns and mussels on top of noodles in a rich chicken broth with dashi and miso. topped with a half a tea-stained egg, menma, wakame, spring onions and greens 


Brian said it was slightly different from traditional Japanese Ramen, and said it was very westernised, but loved it. I loved my Chicken dish; it was so yummy and I just love the fact that you get everything you need in one bowl, plus it’s all served in a warm chicken stock – perfect for a cold day.

Wagamama's ramen

If your ever looking for that warm dish to have on a cold day – no matter what season or where you are in the world, Wagamama’s should 100% be on your list!

Disclaimer – I was given a complimentary meal in exchange for an honest review. 

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