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WaHiki dairy and gluten free ice cream review.

Must admit, the thought of eating dairy and gluten free coconut ice cream would normally make me turn my nose up a bit and I’d revert to my standard mint choc chip, but with Brian being lactose tolerant I have tried a whole range of different food products to meet his needs and I have started to prefer a few things.


WaHiki was one of the first ice creams I tried that offered everything we needed; a range of yummy flavours, low in sugar, plus it’s dairy and gluten free too. The first flavour I tried was mango, which just happens to  be one of my favourite flavours of ice creams. I was really surprised with the texture because I thought having coconut would mean it would come across more like a sorbet than an ice cream but it really does taste like an ice cream!

I’m not a massive fan of coconut flavoured things I was a little hesitant to try this because I didn’t want to a mouthful of coconut, but the mango flavouring overpowered the coconut water; you could hardly taste it, which for me was great.


I really love the packaging that this ice cream comes in; you get a 90g pot which are a perfect portion size as a snack rather than having the massive tubs you get in most supermarkets. I can imagine this also being great for kids because you can limit the amount of ice cream they eat in one go. The lid contains a small spoon too which is great if you pick these posts up in a supermarket and eat them in the park on a summers day.

They currently have the following flavours:

  • Vanilla
  • Chocolate
  • Mango
  • Matcha
  • Turmeric Latte


WaHiki are currently going through a re-formulation at the moment with all of their ice creams to reduce the amount of sugar per 100g. The vanilla ice cream was the first to be re-formulated and has gone from 15g per 100g of sugar to only 7.5g per 100g. 2.5g less and it would officially be a low sugar food. – Great for making a naughty treat not so naughty!

Disclaimer: I was sent the items in mention in return for an honest review. 

Have you tried any coconut gluten and dairy free ice creams?

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