Why I love taking time to get ready
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Why I Love Taking Time To Get Ready

I recently read that most women spend more than a year of their lives applying makeup and getting ready, sounds crazy right? But, for me I could imagine that statement being so true. I’m not particularly slow at putting my makeup on or getting ready, if I have 5 minutes to get ready, I will be ready in 3, but some times I like to sit and spend time getting ready and take my time with blending and swiping in front of the mirror.

I focused a lot on self care on my blog over the past few months and I consider getting ready such an important step in self care. It’s time that I get to myself to unwind and reflect with my favourite Netflix show on in the background, I’m currently binge watching Gavin and Stacey again! Whether I have 5 minutes or an hour to get ready, my makeup routine doesn’t really vary too much, when I have little time, I stick to what I know and love because it never normally goes wrong, and when I have a little bit more time, I will try out new products because I’ve got time to start over if it doesn’t go my way.

Why I love taking time to get ready

Up until a few months ago I wasn’t heavily investing time into finding a foundation that suited my skin tone, I was sent a Joan Collins foundation by a PR company back in the UK a few months ago and I just stuck to that whenever I was having a bad skin day or I was going out ‘out’.

The NARS sheer glow foundation has recently crept into my makeup bag and now has become a statement product in my everyday makeup routine. I find that it makes my skin look flawless when I apply with a blender and I very rarely need a top up throughout the day. It does an excellent job at blurring out my pores and has an ideal level of oil for an all year hydration level, which makes it the perfect foundation for me all year round.

I’ve never been a huge fan of liquid highlighters so I stick to my trusty Rosie for Autograph highlighter because it feels silky smooth and looks beautiful for an evening look because it catches the light perfectly. If I’m just going out for the day I tend to only apply the bare minimal amount of highlighter because I think sometimes it can look way to over the top. I’m still so in love with the baked bronzer from Kiko because it gives me the perfect summer glow all year round, I normally tan a lot in the summer so I apply less of this, but during the winter, I normally apply it all over my face and it doesn’t make me look orange.

Why I love taking time to get ready

Moving onto eyes, I brought the tartlelette in bloom clay eyeshadow palette from tarte at the start of the year and I think I’ve used it pretty much everyday since. My favourite 3 shades are, flower child, firecracker and rebel however I don’t tend to wear too much eyeshadow if I’ve got to get ready quickly, so I normally work with just two shades, smarty pants and rebel, however if I a bit more time, I like to layer my eyeshadow to create a smokey effect.

I rarely wear lipstick if I’m honest because I have really struggled to find a shade that suits me. However if I choose to wear something on my lip, it will usually be make up matte lip me in the shade birthday suit, it’s a great shade that works with pretty much anything rather than having to base your makeup on your lipstick.

Why I love taking time to get ready

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