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Decorating My Bedside Table

One thing that has been so important for me over the past 3 weeks has been decorating my room to make it somewhere that I can call home, you can read more about this on my moving house post. I’m definitely someone who prefers to shop online compared to spend hours walking around shops, I find shopping so stressful and draining, so if there is ever a online option I will more likely grab it with both hands. That’s when I came across Curate

Curate is a New Zealand based online marketplace for local stores, ranging from home decor to clothing. I thought buying from Curate would be a great way to discover local New Zealand brands as well as picking up a few bits and bobs for my room. It took me 2 days to sit through the website with Brian and decide what we wanted, there is almost too much choice, not that I’m complaining though!  After spending hours on Pinterest too,I finally decided that I wanted to focus on my bedside table to start off with.

I always find that my bedside table is the first place for me to dump anything from post to keys and loose change, so I really wanted to get a tray so that I could put everything in, I love being organised as well, so I thought this was a perfect idea. I picked up this grey tray as it was the right size for my bedside table and fitted in well with our mustard and grey colour theme. I also picked up the gold ring dish as I thought this would be perfect for putting my keys so I never lost them, but if I’m honest I thought it would of been bigger than what it is so I can’t actually put my keys in the dish, so instead I put any loose change I have and the rings I wear everyday.

Bedside table

I think Brian and I could easily open up a candle shop with the amount we have in our room, but I think candles are perfect for setting a calming mood before bed and plus they make the bedroom smell divine, so I went for 2 Vanilla and elderflower candles because they are my two favourite scents and I thought they would fit in with the colour scheme and I love having candles on my bedside table. The only thing I was a little disappointed with was the quality of the design, the white strip has been painted on and I already saw a few bits that were chipped when I first opened the box, so I could imagine it not lasting too long if you moved the candle around a lot. The white cone was also a surprise when it came in the post, I thought it would of been a lot smaller than it was because I was mainly going to just put my rings on it, however because it’s thicker at the bottom, it’s perfect for putting my bangles and bracelets on because they can be so easily misplaced.

I’m a huge sucker for photos and frames, I think pictures hold a thousand memories and I think it’s such a shame that we don’t really print out pictures anymore, so I wanted to pick up a few photo frames for the room, but I came across this A4 photo frame which was perfect for a print that I already owned, so I decided to get one and the quality for the price is so good!

One thing that I was so impressed with Curate is the delivery times, sometimes if you order from a marketplace the delivery times can be a little all over the place, obviously everything came from different companies so nothing came together, but everything was delivered within a week of ordering which I thought was so good! You can shop this look below!

Disclaimer, I was sent the items in mention in return for an honest review, all opinions remain my own. 

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