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I don’t know about you, but coming home after work during the winter makes me feel 100x more exhausted than in the summer.

Normally I would home and and carry on working or I head to the gym and battle through the tiredness, but recently I’ve taken a step and listened to my body and I feel much better for it. I’ve noticed how less irritable I am when I tired and I’m starting to really enjoy the winter season.

I thought I would put together my top 5 tips on how to relax after a long day at work!

Change into comfy clothes 

One of the first things ill do as soon as I get home from work is change into something comfy and cosy, this would normally consist of warm PJ bottoms, one of Brians jumpers and my dressing gown.

cosy jumpers

Unplug for a few hours

I work on a computer 9-5 every day at work and whenever I get any spare time you can normally find me sat at my desk working away on my laptop, so unplugging from any electronic device is a huge way for me to relax. Sometimes I will either leave my phone upstairs and go downstairs to eat dinner or ill turn my phone off whilst I have a bath and read a book.


I’m defiantly not an expert at mediating by any means, but I love sitting by myself during the evening and just focusing on my breathing to allow any stress or negative thoughts to be released from my head. I love to use the headspace app on my phone as you meditate no matter what situation your in.


Take a bubble bath

If you follow me on social media you guys will know how much I love baths. If I could I would bath every single night, I normally do, without fail during the winter because it warms me up and allows me to relax before bed. Try using Epsom salts in your bath as these will help release any muscle stress you have.

Light some candles

I go to bed every night with 3-4 tea lights burning because I think it just sets the mood and allows me to fully relax before I get into bed. I think it tricks your mind into thinking it’s time to unwind, it has helped me sleep a lot better.

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