How to deal with stress
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5 Tips on How to Deal With Stress

How to deal with stress #1 –  Setting Boundaries

Constantly giving your energy to other people will mean that you will have very little energy for yourself. In the long run this will leave you feeling burnt out; you need to learn how to avoid this. Start by learn what are you needs, if something or someone doesn’t match up to these needs, it’s ok to say no.

Surrounding yourself with draining or negative people isn’t always a bad thing, but you need to make sure you don’t let their negative energy rub off on you, try to take control of the situation and change the conversation into a positive one.

How to deal with stress #2 – Practice Self-care

My favourite way to dealing with stress is making sure I practice self-care. You don’t have to do yoga every night or meditate, you just need to make sure you are doing something that makes YOU feel good. Start by scheduling these things into your life to increase your mood and to relax you. A few of my favourite self care habits including eating healthy, exercising and taking a hot bubble bath.

How to deal with stress

How to deal with stress #3 – Give Yourself a Break

If your anything like me, putting pressure on yourself is one of the main reasons why you are stressed.But learn to give yourself a break, don’t be too hard on yourself. Taking a step away from life and re-evualting your situation isn’t selfish, it’s a necessity to ensure that you are living your best life.

How to deal with stress #4 – Recognise the Early Signs of Stress

If you are starting to feel irritated or worried, you need to take action and not sweep these emotions under the carpet, doing this will only make you feel worse. Stress can make people react in different ways, but if you can recognise how stress makes you feel, you can learn to tackle stress straight away, not when it’s almost too late.

How to deal with stress

How to deal with stress #5 – Take Action

If procrastinating was an exam id pass with flying colours. It’s so easy to fall into a cycle of putting whatever is stressing us out on hold rather than sorting out a best outcome for the situation. If your feeling overwhelmed by the amount of work you need to get done, write it down, make a to do list starting with tasks that need to get done sooner rather than later. You will become more relaxed about your day as you will have a clearer mind on how you are going to tackle your tasks.


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