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Adventure Around Auckland Viaduct with OnzO.

Brian and I always try to spend time together doing something fun or interesting rather than the standard ‘dinner date’ once a week. This week we decided to pop onto some OnzOs and explore a bit more of the viaduct and the city. OnzOs are bikes that are placed around Auckland city which can be located and unlocked with the smartphone app and GPS. One of the best things about OnzO’s is that you don’t have to drop off /pick up the bike from specific area, you can simply use the app to locate the nearest bike to you, and once your done, you can drop it off on the side of the road!

Onzo Auckland


The viaduct is probably one of my favourite places to go in Auckland, it was actually the first place I went in Auckland once I landed and I fell in love with the city at that point. There’s something about boats and being near the sea that I find so relaxing, so If I’m ever feeling stressed I always try to go for a walk by the viaduct and I instantly feel calmer.



I discovered this part of the city that I didn’t even know existed one night last year when I was waiting for Brian to finish work, I thought the landscape of the city from the bridge was beautiful and theres a strip of restaurants just after the bridge that run along side the edge of the harbour, I remember there being an boating event being held here not that long ago and I really wanted to take Brian there for dinner at the time because the food looked amazing! OnzO OnzO


I can’t wait for summer so we can do this more often, we both said how much we wanted to take the OnzO’s along the beach one evening and have a little picnic! One thing that still shocks me about Auckland is the price of activities, if this was in the UK I can’t help but imagine how it would be made into a money making machine, especially in somewhere like Oxford or London, but for $0.25 for every 15 minutes is a price no-one can grumble at- we were biking for over an hour and only spend $1.15!


If you are ever around Auckland City, I would 100% recommend that you grab an OnzO and explore the city by bike during the summer. I will personally try to see more of the city next summer by picking up an Onzo and exploring the places I haven’t been, rather than spending money on Tour buses or Public Transport!


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  • Amy
    2 years ago

    I’ve never been to Australia, you look like you’re having a great time! Cycling around a city is a brilliant way to explore it.

    Amy |

  • Jenny in Neverland
    2 years ago

    This looks like one of my perfect places to spend a day. What beautiful scenery and those boats are GORGEOUS.

  • Rosie
    2 years ago

    Ah I’ve alwahs wanted to go to oz! Recent years I’ve been travelling around America so oz is defo next!

  • Sian
    2 years ago

    This looks amazing! The pictures are stunning! xo
    Sian |

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