Feeling good enough
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Deciding to be Good Enough

Not feeling good enough is strange topic for me to talk about, but something I feel like is so important. In this day and age, the word ‘perfect’ gets thrown out in any context, but what really is ‘perfect?’ We deal with the anxiety of comparing ourselves to people on social media, we’ve been brought up in a world where everything is possible but some things seem to be near impossible. This pressure is really ruining our self-esteem and making us feel like we are not good enough.

Feeling good enough

I am no exception to this.

Since leaving home and moving to Auckland, the pressure to grow up fast and take on adult responsibilities has been difficult, on top of this stress, adding everyday pressures from society and the insanely talent people I have around me, it can be difficult to keep up with the people that inspire you the most and to stop yourself from feeling not good enough.

Yes, I have to admit it, sometimes I don’t feel pretty enough, or smart enough, or successful enough, or good enough. It’s surprised me actually, because I feel uncomfortable writing this down, but my blog represents my life, and I can’t pretend that my life is ‘perfect’ and share stories about how amazing everything is when truthfully, I live a very similar life to everyone else.

Feeling good enough

Any of the people closest around me will tell you that I am own worst critic, I’ve achieved so much for an 19 year old, I mean, I jumped on a plane to the other side of the world by myself without knowing anyone, but I still put myself down about how I’m not meeting that many new people, or haven’t gone out and explored much of New Zealand compared to what I thought I would.

Admitting that you are not perfect can be difficult sometimes, but it’s OK to admit that you need a bit more time to love yourself, or to find the path that works for you. Just remember, we can actually control the way we feel about ourselves, it might not be in the easiest thing to do, but its SO worth it!

Changing the way I process negative thoughts and my outlook on life has certainty made a difference for me. Living a perfect life or being a certain way, is far from being a priority for me, and it shouldn’t be your on priority list either. Chasing for perfection will never make you happy because everyone has different ideas to what a perfect life is like, and once you think you have reached your ‘perfection’ society will always give you something better to have and will always leave you wanting more.

I’ve now learnt that the journey is more important than the destination, making mistakes is good because you can learn and improve yourself. Learn to be the best version of you over time and most importantly, learn to love who you are in every moment.

I’ve started to see that I am more than enough, I feel like I will be able to achieve anything I want to, because I’m not chasing perfection, I’m following who I am and learning from the good and the bad decisions I make in life. This is an extremely rewarding feeling, if anything, I’ve started to achieve a lot more and started to thank myself for the benefits.

‘The way we choose to see the world, creates the world we see’

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  • Jenny in Neverland
    2 years ago

    Great post – not feeling good enough is something I’ve always struggled with. There’s ALWAYS going to be someone smarter, more talented at a certain thing or better than you in some way. Having low self esteem can amplify these feelings 10 fold and you’re right, the word perfect gets thrown around all too much when really, there is no such thing!

    • Chloe
      2 years ago

      Thank you! I’m glad I’m not the only one- sometimes the world can seem lonely at times.

  • Sian
    2 years ago

    I love this! We’re our own worst enemies and I think a lot of the pressure we feel comes from ourselves without even realising it! xo
    Sian |

    • Chloe
      2 years ago

      Yes I completely agree with you, sometimes we really are our own worst enemy- I get told this on the daily!

  • Amy Jones
    2 years ago

    I love this, definitely gives me hope that I may someday have an epiphany about feeling good enough too.

    Amy |

  • Rosie
    2 years ago

    This post feels like you’ve crawled into my head and written down my own feelings. Becoming an adult and making adult decisions is part of my life now but when it first began I was constantly worrying I wasn’t doing something right or to the right standard! It’s better now!

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