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Discovering my Autumn/Winter Perfume

I think I’ve worn perfume every day since I was about 14 when my Nan and Grandad brought me my first ‘proper perfume’. I tend to stick to one or two of my favourite perfumes all year around and when the seasons change, I try to discover a new perfume that suits whatever season we are in. It’s coming up to Autumn/Winter in New Zealand, so I thought I would discover a new perfume for this time of year.

As you can imagine, I change my perfumes at least 4 times a year, which might not seem a lot, but with the price of perfumes nowadays, it can become a very expensive habit, so I’m always trying to find dupes of expensive perfumes because once you are wearing it, it can be very difficult to notice the difference.

Foxxglow are a New Zealand based company that make and sell duped perfumes, at the moment they have a small collection, but I know in the next few months they are releasing some more scents and I’m so excited to see what dupes they release next!

One of my favourite things about Foxxglow perfumes are that they are in 10ml bottles, which might not seem that much compared to standard perfume brands, but they are perfect to slip into your handbag or makeup bag when going on so you are always ready for that fresh top up.


They also have ball top rather than a spray, I’ve haven’t seen this in a long time, but I think it helps you use a small amount perfume as well as bringing out the fragrance better.

For Autumn I thought I would try ADDICT which is inspired by Black Opium, it has subtle hints of orange blossom which is perfect for giving off a warm spicer fragrance. If I was back at home I would normally go for a pumpkin spice seeing as it would be halloween and the seasons for pumpkins, but autumn in New Zealand is nothing like that at all so I didn’t want anything too spicy.

I’m one of those people who will go to the perfume counters and will spend an age going along and smelling/spraying all 0f the perfumes to see what I like. I’ve smelt Black Opium a few times and never been a massive fan because I’ve always found it too strong and overpowering, but I’ve noticed that Foxxglow version isn’t as overpowering and I really like it. I’ve worn it a couple of times now and get complimented every time I wear it, my flatmate Amber asked me what perfume I was wearing because she thought it smelt amazing, and when I told her about Foxxglow and how it was inspired by Black Opium, she was really surprised as she isn’t a massive fan of the YSL version either, but loved this one!


I mentioned earlier that I tend to swap and change fragrances depending on the time of year or what mood I’m in, so with this in mind, I thought I would try out another perfume, CHARM inspired by Prada, Candy. Now I must admit, I have never smelt the Prada version before, but I love trying out new scents so I thought I would give this one ago.

I have never loved overpowering perfumes, I am really particular with the type of fragrances that I wear because it’s one of the first things people notice about you, and even though you might think it smells amazing because of the price tag, some of the top end perfumes can smell awful. When I first opened Charm, I was a little bit taken back because it was so strong and I was instantly like no I don’t like it, but now that I’ve actually worn it, the scent isn’t as strong or overpowering as I first thought and I can see myself wearing it again in the future, I just think it would be better suited during Spring or summer because it’s quiet sweet.

What are your favourite fragrances for the different seasons?

Disclaimer: I was sent the item in mention in return for an honest review, all opinions remain my own. 

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  • Jenny in Neverland
    7 months ago

    I definitely don’t have different scents for different seasons. I actually own only 2 or 3 perfumes – I wish I could afford more! But I do have one perfume which reminds me of Disneyland Paris because I wore it both of the last times I went. It’s such a nostalgic smell to me and it’s amazing that just a scent can do that!

  • Amy Jones
    7 months ago

    I don’t wear different perfumes depending on the season, but usually get different minis for my birthday or Christmas, then buy the big one if I like it. Roller perfumes are the best aren’t they?

    Amy |

  • Sian
    7 months ago

    Ooooh this brand sounds amazing – I love the idea of their scents being inspired by designer brands! xo
    Sian |

  • Rosie
    7 months ago

    I am such a perfume addict so this is right up my street!

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