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El Sizzling Chorizo lunch date

El Sizzling Chorizo is an Argentinian style restaurant located in Ponsonby food court. I love the way the restaurant is laid out; you can sit around the open bbq fire and watch your lunch get cooked and prepared in front of you, or you can sit overlooking the outside part of the food court. el sizzling chorizo

Anyone who has been to Ponsonby will know it’s a mission to find a parking space a long the narrow roads, so by the time Brian and I managed to park and walk to the restaurant, we were pretty hungry to say the least! We both went for the August special, Scotch & Fries ($25), which was prefect for a late breakfast/early lunch (brunch!). El Sizzling Chorizo is open until 9:00pm so I can imagine it being a perfect place for a cute dinner date too- although the food court is mainly outside so keep this in mind when choosing a place to sit during the winter. The heat of the open bbq kept us warm though. el sizzling chorizo

The Scotch and Fries was a good size for lunch but if you are planning on going for dinner, I would go for a large meal; their are a few options on the menu that offer more than 1 cut of meat, because the portion size is relatively small.

el sizzling chorizo

The Steak was one of the best steaks I’ve ever tasted, I asked for mine to be cooked medium rare as it is my favourite way to eat my steaks -it was cooked to perfection. The chips were also so yummy too! I have eaten here before and had the regular Sirloin steak which was also just as tasty! I would 100% recommend visiting El Sizzling Chorizo for a bite to eat if you are a massive steak fan.

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