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Feeling Like a Kid In a Candy Store

Yes you really did read that right, last week I really did feel like a kid in a candy store! Parnell, Auckland is home to one of my favourite dessert places ever, Chocolate Boutique. The quaint shop and cafe is perfect to fulfil the need for a sweet bite whenever it is needed. Chocolate boutique is actually where Brian took me on our second date so it’s kind of always had a special place in my heart.

Chocolate Boutique

During the summer we tend to sit out the back and enjoy vintage village of Parnell which is lit up by fairly lights at night, but the weather was a bit cold and miserable so we decided to sit inside instead. I love the feel and design of the whole cafe and shop too, the vintage decor and characteristics from 1996 still stand today. Candy store

I’ve always been a savoury over sweet kind of girl, so when I first went to Chocolate Boutique I was a little worried that I wouldn’t be able to find anything that I really fancied however, I am always able to find something less chocolaty which is right up my street. This time I decided to go for a Tiramisu cheesecake and Brian decided to go for a ‘death by chocolate’.

Chocolate Boutique

The death by chocolate is sort of my idea of hell because it is nothing but chocolate but I tried a mouthfull and boy it tasted goood! Brian always goes for the death by chocolate so he must really enjoy it! The tiramisu cake was divine, the coffee wasn’t too overpowering or bitter which was so nice because it meant I could finish it which is rare for me because I normally find desserts like this too sickly towards the end.


I also picked up a few extra treats, one being a chocolate eclair, which was one of my favourite treats to have when I was about 5/6 so I thought I would try a New Zealand version, I hate to say it, but nothing beats a Tesco eclair!

chocolate boutique

I love this sign outside the cafe!

I always try to keep the money that I spend on desserts to a bare minimum because it’s not a necessity, being in Parnell, you always expect to pay more, however I always think chocolate boutique is so easily priced for our 2 desserts and 2 treats it cost us $25 which is pretty reasonable considering the location!

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  • Jenny in Neverland
    6 months ago

    Holy CRAP that ice cream looks absolutely delicious! Sounds like my kinda place 😉 xx

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