My honest regrets about moving to the other side of the world.
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Get personal with me: My honest regrets about moving to the other side of the world.

I don’t like living with regrets and I’ve tried to create a life that I don’t look back on and wish I did things differently but the only way in life that you learn is by making mistakes.

It’s completely natural to make mistakes, life isn’t always fun and games, it’s full of twists and turns which excite me. I am a true believer of everything happens for a reason, but I can’t say that I wouldn’t change a few things if I could re live the past 6 months again. 

  1. I wish I had flatted from the day I landed in Auckland. I first started staying in an air bnb with a Chinese family when I first arrived in Auckland which was in a great location, perfect for living by the beach, close to work and was perfect for going to late night walks after work to explore the local areas, however I truly believe that it’s limited my first few months here, I was always conscious what time I got home at night because they had a younger boy who always had to study, I never invited people over because it’s not exactly something you can do when staying in an air bnb, whereas I think if I flatted the first few months for me would of turned out very differently, which brings me on to my next point. 

living with regrets

I wish I found friends before getting into relationship. If I had flatted I would of naturally found friends easily and started to get a social group. Don’t get me wrong when I first landed I was going out and meeting people in my first week, however I don’t see these people very often anymore. I met Brian 3 weeks after being in New Zealand so naturally I started hanging around with him and his friends who have naturally become my friends too. I love them but they aren’t ‘my’ friends. I only have a handful of girlfriends who I can hang around with who don’t really associate themselves with Brian, this is all fun whilst I am with Brian, but I can’t help but worry how lonely Auckland will become if me and Brian stop seeing each other and I naturally stop spending time with his friends too. 

I wish I had gone out and travelled by myself more. It can be very easy to find yourself in a routine of working 9-5 that life just runs away from you. I started work 3 days after being in New Zealand I’ve fallen into this trap. Yes, the point was to build a life but I also wanted explore this part of the world I’d never been to before. In the summer I tried to do something or go somewhere different every weekend, but If I really put down on paper what I thought I would have achieved and seen during the summer, the list doesn’t get any smaller. So I have written a list to stop this from happening this year!! 

living with regrets

I wish I had my driving licence. In the UK I drove up until I was ready to pass my test but it was just at the wrong time for me in my life if I’m honest, however it has been a little bit of a hinderance. New Zealand public transport is great and I’m lucky in the respect that I don’t mind walking to get to somewhere, but it limits me if I want go somewhere or do something that’s beyond public transport, I have to rely on Ubers (which can be expensive) or Brian, and I feel so guilty because I want to be independent and go out and be by myself sometimes and not go everywhere with him over the weekends. If I’m honest, I don’t think I could really afford a car right now as moving house was expensive and I want to use my funds for travelling, but in New Zealand you have to sit two driving tests, compared to the UK where you only have to sit one, so I technically would of been better of passing in the UK before I came to NZ. 

I wish I spent more time with my distant relatives. I don’t think I will ever not regret this, I make an effort every week to speak to the majority of my family members on a weekly basis, whether it’s through Skype and FaceTime or a simple text and email. Life has a limit, and I think I’ve mentally told myself that when I left for NZ it would probably the last time I would see some of my family members because life is so short in respect and you never know what is around the corner, but I wish I could go back in time before I came to New Zealand and spent more time in Spain with my Grandparents and my other family members who live further away from me. I believe you never realise what you have until it’s gone, and although no-one has gone, it isn’t as easy as it was to see them anymore. 

living with regrets

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