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How to overcome homesickness while living abroad

I’ve had a tough few weeks recently and it’s been the first time I’ve missed being surrounded by my friends and family back home. After just under a year, I don’t think that is bad going! When I first moved to New Zealand, I didn’t cry once, I was so excited about the opportunities and the adventures that had just landed on my door step. There are time occasionally where it will catch me off guard and ill have a short overwhelm of sadness, but it doesn’t last to long.

People ask me if I would go home, and my answer has always been no. I don’t miss being in the UK at all, I miss the people, not the place.

I thought I should share with you my tips on how to stop yourself from feeling too homesick when you are living abroad.


Experience life in your new city // Settling into your new city is the best thing you can do. I was so lucky that I walked straight into a job when I first got here so I already fell into the work play routine, but if you aren’t working straight away, learn about the new culture, put yourself out there and meet new people. As soon as you start creating memories, you will start feeling at home!

Plan a trip // You in a brand new country, maybe one you have never visited before, plan trips and explore as much as you can. Take advantage of whats around you, because you never know when you might get the opportunity again.

Create goals // Why did you first move to a new country? – never forget the answer to this question. My goal was to move to New Zealand and start a life for myself, and I am still working towards fully achieving that goal. Use this to motivate you and allow your self to focus on this and not what you have left behind.

Learn to enjoy your own company // If you can start enjoying your own company. and you don’t mind doing things by yourself, you won’t feel alone. Feeling lonely is the worst feeling in the world, even the busiest of places can feel empty sometimes, but learning to enjoy being by yourself is one of the best things you can do when your living abroad.

Take advantage of technology // Making the effort to speak to friends and family over Skype and FaceTime has become a part of my daily routine and has made feeling homesick a very rare occasion. One important thing to remember though, you need to meet people in your new city, and make memories with them, if you overuse technology and speak to your friends and family everyday you might never connect with anyone else in real life.

Self care // Create new exciting habits for yourself, give yourself something to look forward too. Keeping yourself busy is one of the easiest reasons to distract yourself from home.

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