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It’s OKAY to take a break

Last month I had a few days off from work before I started a new job but the funny thing is that I felt guilty for it. I felt guilty for taking time for myself and for not being productive. It’s like I have this voice in the back of my mind saying “you have all this free time so why are you wasting it doing something unproductive?”

Some days I just want to be unproductive. I want to have a lie in and spend the day in my PJs reading a good book or catching up my favourite series on Netflix. I want to have no plans and not feel guilty for it, because, some days that’s exactly what I need.

As an introvert, I need that time so that I can recharge. So I allow myself to forget out my diary, ignore my to-do list and enjoy my day off from work. No pressure to be productive. It was my last day before I started a new job so I wanted to make the most of it by doing nothing.

it's okay to take a break

But I can ignore the need to clean the house, write a blog post, post on Instagram or even make plans with friends. I feel like I must be busy all the time, because being busy is good, right?

No, not always.

We are living in a world that values hustle and the work hard mentality. Life is short, weekends are shorter. So we should be making the most of our time, even if it means having time off.

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