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My Summer Bucket list- 2018

Summer has officially arrived here in New Zealand, and I couldn’t be more happy about it. This will be my second summer here since moving from England. Weeks and weeks of consistently gorgeous weather has got me thinking of what I want to do and achieve this summer.

Plan a mid-week day off work // I haven’t made up enough at work yet to book a long holiday, so I’m planning on taking one Wednesday off work this summer, (possibly the worst day of the week) to go out for the day, grab lunch on the beach, take a day off work to explore or do something I normally wouldn’t. Even having one day off work can feel like a mini holiday.

Hit the water // One thing I love about living in Auckland is having the beach on my door step, I’ve never been a massive beach girl, I actually have a small fear of the sea, but I want to try and make the most of the warm weather and having a the beach on my door step, go kayaking, hire a boat for the day, maybe even for a swim,

 Watch the sunrise // I think I’ve only seen sunrise once or twice in my whole 20 years of existing – shocking really! I’d either like to go somewhere beautiful to watch the sunrise, or just enjoy it from my window at home with a cup of coffee.

summer bucket list

Go for a long bike ride // If your in Auckland, one great way to see the city is on an ONZO, if your not sure what these are, read my blog post about my adventures on onzo’s last summer. I’d love to buy a bike for this summer and cycle from one side of Auckland to the other.

Visit somewhere new // It’s not really summer without a least one adventure, and with everything being so close to me, I’ve got a LONG list of places I want to visit.

Go berry picking // If there’s one thing better than fresh summer fruit all season long, it’s going straight to the source and picking the freshest, juiciest versions yourself. I haven’t really done too much research into this, but i’m sure theres a few places around Auckland that I can go to and pick my own fresh fruit

summer bucket list

Pass my driving test // One of my biggest school boy error was not sticking with driving before I moved to NZ, it would of been so my cheaper and easier if I had past my test before coming here, but hey, I can’t change that now.. so my goal for this summer is to pass my test and buy myself a car. That way getting out of the city and exploring the rest of NZ should be a lot easier.

Get my first tattoo // (sorry to all of my family if your reading this) but I’ve been thinking about getting tattoo for a while now, and I really want something that symbolises New Zealand, and how much I have achieved moving to other side of the world at 19. To show me that I can do anything I want if I put my mind too it. I’ve got a few ideas going around my head, I just want to book a date now!

Try something new // 2018 has seen me snowboard for the first time, travel a new country and accomplish things I never thought I would do, but I want more. I want to try as many new things as possible! – the summer is a good excuse for this!!

summer bucket list

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