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Personal: Get To Know Me- 50 Questions

I’ve always wanted to get more personal with you guys and really show you myself as a person through my blog, as well as talk about all things lifestyle, beauty and travel with you. I thought there was no better way to start then answering the 50 question tag.. Here goes!

1. Full name

Chloe Ann Keen – My friends at school used to make a joke about my name and call me ‘Chloe hand cream’

2. Zodiac sign

I’m a September baby – Virgo.

3. 3 fears

Drowning, not finding ‘love’ and the sea.

4. 3 things I love

FOOD, blogging and Summer adventures

5. My best friend

I don’t think I have a best friend, instead, I have many close friends.

6. Last song I listened to

Shawn Mendes- Fallin’All in You

7. 3 Turn ons

Thoughtfulness, politeness and good chat.

8. 3 Turn offs

Self-centeredness, rudeness and ugly fingernails (I think they are gross, I am sorry)

9. What colour underwear I’m wearing right now


10. How many tattoos/piercings do I have

I haven’t got any tattoos, however I do have my ears pierced. I would love to get more but I just keep putting it off!

11. The reason I started blogging

To give me something to focus on during a 3 month summer before I started collage back in 2015!

12. How I feel right now

Drained. I’ve just finished working and it’s in the middle of winter so I always tend to feel a bit down during the colder season.

13. Something I really really want

The opportunity to make my blog a full time job

14. My current relationship status

In a relationship

15. Meaning behind my URL

I originally blogged at ‘It’s a girl thing’ but after I re-vamped my blog after 2 years, I wanted something a little classier.

16. My favourite movie

One movie that I will happily watch time and time again is probably Wild Child.

17. My favourite song

I wouldn’t really say that I have a favourite song because I listen to so many.

18. My favourite band

Maybe Coldplay?

19. 3 Things that upset me

Bitchy people, seeing my friends upset and when I go to eat the last of an item of food and Brian has got there before me.

20. 3 Things that make me happy

Summer, a great conversation and travelling

21. What I find attractive in other people

Good manners, good chat and thoughtfulness

22. Someone I miss

My family from back home in the UK

23. Someone I love

.. my dog? 

24. My relationship with my parents

I think I’ve had a fairly rocky relationship with my parents whilst going through my teenage years, but now that I’m slowly leaving my teens and entering my twenties, things seem to be smoothing over and I’m happy.

25. My favourite holiday

My first thought is Christmas, I love being around my loved ones, playing board games and having a good time, but since I’ve come to New Zealand, warm Christmas’ aren’t really all they are cracked up to be.

26. My closest blogging friend

At the moment I don’t think I have any close friends who blog in New Zealand, but I’ve got a few from the UK.

27. Someone famous I’d date

Nick Bateman!!

28. A confession

If the kitchen is out of glasses you will more than likely find them in my room.

29. 3 Things that annoy me easily

Messy people, cancelled plans and messy eaters.

30. My favourite animal

I’ve always loved Penguins or Tigers. When I go to the zoo I will always visit them.

31. My pets

I don’t have any pets in New Zealand (not unless a boyfriend counts?!) But I have a dog called Jess and two cats called Smudged and Aussie back home.

32. One thing I’ve lied about

I think my biggest lies have been telling friends ‘I’m on my way’ when actually I’m still in bed.

33. Something that’s currently worrying me

My future. Haha, I always put so much pressure on myself to achieve certain things, and when I might not always see how I can achieve something I will worry until I have found a solution.

34. An embarrassing moment

There are too many ..

35. Where I work

I work not too far from my house for an Architectural Company.

36. Something that’s constantly on my mind

Food 24/7

37. 3 Habits I have

Saying I will eat healthy and then go and buy some chocolate, I just can’t keep away from chocolate at the moment! Watching Love Island religiously and staying up way too late during the week and seriously regretting it in the morning.

38. My future goals

Career-wise, I want to make my blog profitable enough so that I can take it up full time. . As for my goals in general, I want to travel as much as I can. I want to see new places, explore new cultures and meet new people. My ultimate future goal would be getting married, having children and live in a relationship fairytale.

39. Something I fantasise about

My fairytale future, haha.

40. My favourite store

I do most of my shopping online, either Asos or PLT

41. My favourite food


42. What I did yesterday

When I got home from work, I ran a bath and caught up on love island. Grabbed dinner with Brian and actually had an early night for once!

43. Something I’m talented at

I guess sports? I’ve competed competitively in athletics and played cricket for the past 5 years.

44. My idea of the perfect date

Dinner, Playstation, Ice cream.

45. My celebrity crush

Growing up, I used to obsess over Mark Wright, but now, I’d say my celebrity crush is Nick Bateman.

46. My favourite blog

There are so many that I read on a daily basis so it would be too hard to choose one!

47. Number of kids I want

2 – a boy and a girl

48. Do I smoke/drink

I only drink in social situations.

49. One word that describes me


50. My favourite quote

Everything happens for a reason.

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