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Get Personal With Me: Thoughts on blogging in 2018.

On those days when I’ve spent hours taking photos and writing a post, only for it to bomb, a question that I’d ask myself is why am I bothering with all this? And I’m sure most bloggers have asked themselves the same question at some point or another. What am I getting out of this? Why am I giving up all of my spare time for this? I normally spend a few hours or days pondering over these questions before opening up my laptop again. No matter how frustrated I feel, I always go back to blogging.


The thing is, my life would be easier if I wasn’t a blogger. I would have a lot more spare time at the weekend and in the evenings after work, I wouldn’t spend as much money on things for photos, I wouldn’t stress at dinners or days out to make sure I had content to blog about. I wouldn’t feel the pressure of trying to fit in the time to write blog posts, or worry if I didn’t post on Instagram or Twitter that day.

However, if I didn’t have blogging in my life there would be something missing. If I wasn’t writing or taking photos in my spare time, what would I be doing?

What I’ve come to realise is that while blogging is a huge thing that I’ve taken on, and yes, my life would be easier without it, but I just can’t live without it. I love that it pushes me to be creative – to want to improve my photography skills, my writing. As someone who has always been more of a creative person their whole life, blogging has allowed me to continue to tap into my creative side.


This industry is frustrating; it can feel like everyone else is passing you by, while you stay put. Algorithms and bots can make you feel like it’s all not worth it anymore. Followers or no followers, readers or no reader, at the end of the day, we all started our blogs for a reason, which is something you should never forget.

Going forward, I’m going to remind myself of this whenever things get tough. I’m going to remember that 16 year old girl setting up a WordPress account during one summer and excitedly typing away about her year 11 prom outfit on a budget. Even though I like to think my content has improved since 2015, and I take this whole blogging thing a lot more seriously, I never want to lose the love that I feel for this little hobby.

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