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Seven Sunday Habits To Prepare For The Week Ahead

Sunday can either be your favourite day of the weekend or your worst. Personally, I love Sundays because it means I can have a relaxing day but also get myself ready to tackle the week ahead. I’ve put together seven of my favourite tips to help you prepare for your week ahead, every Sunday!

  • Have a relaxing morning- As much as I love being super productive over the weekend, it’s nice to treat yourself to a lie in and roll out of bed at around 10/11am. You still have a lot of the day to complete your tasks you have set out to do, but you can also enjoy being in bed that little bit longer than usual. Once I’m up and dressed, I always make sure I start the day off with my favourite breakfast too.
  • Write a to-do list for the week- Planning for the next 5-7 days can feel a little overwhelming at times, so create a to-do list for you to clear visualise what you need to get done before next Sunday!

Productive sunday

  • Schedule things in your planner- After you have written your to-do list, grab your planner and write down any important dates you have that week.
  • Meal Prep – One of the easiest ways to feel more prepared for the week ahead is meal planning- I’ve mentioned this a couple of times previously but I love using my Kikki k meal planner and going shopping for the weak ahead on a Sunday night. You will save yourself a lot to stress and time as well as money if you plan out what you will eat throughout the week.

productive sunday

  • Plan your outfits- I don’t mean lay out every outfit out for each day of the week, but prepare your outfit for Monday on a Sunday, so you can have a few extra minutes in bed and it saves you from rushing around in the mornings trying to find the other shoe or sock!
  • Make time for self care- Sunday is the perfect day to schedule in some time for yourself, you can read my tips on how to practice self care .
  • Go to bed early- It’s so important to have a good nights sleep so that you have the enough energy to tackle the weeks tasks ahead.

Who else loves Sundays? What are your top tips for preparing for the week ahead?

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