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Trying Natural Waterless Beauty Products

When it comes down to winter and skincare I try to be really careful with what I put on my skin because the cold and windy weather really dries my skin out so it becomes more sensitive and prone to breakouts. I could easily pickup a drugstore cleanser or moisturiser, but you never really know what damage the chemicals could do to your skin, so I’ve always believed that the more natural the better especially when my skin is feeling extra sensitive. Skin

I first discovered The Botanic Alchemist when I first I was shopping for winter skin care because I wanted to find something that would help me with my dry skin but then I discovered the exfoliating powder and masque which is designed for removing dead skins cells and cleaning your pores which I thought would be perfect as I can use it all year round rather than just in winter.

I’ve been loving really minimalistic packaging recently so when the masque arrived in this packaging I was very excited, you can see feel the companies thought process behind being natural and organic from the packaging to the product. Skin

I’ve never tried waterless skincare beforehand, a few years ago I tried waterless makeup and I wasn’t a massive fan but I was really excited to try this out and decide for myself whether I could change and really enjoy using waterless cosmetics.

I love a good old face mask whilst I’m in the bath so I thought I would try out the masque first. At first I found it difficult to create a thick enough paste for a masque, so instead of using my hands, I put a bit of he power into a plastic bowl and just added water and stirred until I made a thick enough paste. I found that this worked really well and left my skin feeling really soft and smooth.

The Botanic Alchemist

I then tried it as a exfoliating scrub and I found that I got very similar results to when I used it as a masque,  although, I did find the process of using it a lot easier because you can easily make a scrub using your fingertips and then applying to your skin. This is the first product I’ve tried that can be both a scrub and a masque and i’ll admit I was a little sceptical of the idea because I thought surely they are two totally different products? I was taken by surprise when I saw how versatile this product can be.

I would 100% recommend this brand to anybody wanting to find organic vegan skincare range, although I am yet to try out the other products, I am sure you would get the results you want. I can’t wait to try out the rest of the range.

Disclaimer, I was sent the items in mention in return for an honest review, all opinion remain my own. 

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