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Trying Protein Coffee

If your anything like me, then your day will start after your first coffee. I don’t think my body functions until I’ve had my first mouth full, I would go far enough to stay its become part of my staple diet throughout the week! I am always on the hunt for new coffee’s to try and once I came across PEC’s Coffee I thought it was worth the try.
pecs coffee
Even though I’ve always been into training and going to the gym, I’ve never been a lover of protein shakes, but after an intense gym session, i’m always conscious about what i eat afterwards to ensure I’m giving my body the nutrients it needs. Pecs stands for protein enriched coffee. What a great idea, I thought. It means I can get enough protein that my body needs AND I’m still getting my coffee kick to start my day off.
I’ve struggled to find a protein shake that I enjoy to be honest with you, so I was a little worried when trying this, in case the taste of the coffee was spoilt by the protein, especially because there is over 35% of protein per serving, which is high.. I think!!
Pecs Coffee
I can’t say I will swap this out for my regular cappuccinos because this coffee is sweet and I’ve never been a huge fan of sweet things, but can see myself drinking this once or twice a week. The coffee side to it wasn’t too strong, but I only put in a teaspoon of the coffee blend, so because it’s mixed in with whey protein you might need to use more if you like stronger coffee. Another reason why I might not be a huge fan of the taste is because I’ve never really liked the taste of protein, but if you like protein, then I would suggest that you try this out.. especially if you need a coffee hit in the morning like me!
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