Moving house

We Have Moved House!

Hey! I am currently writing this post from my new house that we moved into on Saturday last week, sorry for the delayed update, we haven’t had WIFI for the past week so I’ve been living off my data, sadly, I haven’t been able to write and upload this post until today though! More good news, I’ve managed to secure myself a new job for the next 5 years.. the future is looking very bright right now!

Moving house

For those of you who follow my Instagram, you would of seen the endless car trips to move everything and the state of our bedroom on Saturday evening.. But I can gladly say that we are fully moved in, Minus a few boxes of Brian’s clothes.. Even my Auntie, who is known for her shoe collection, couldn’t believe how many clothes and shoes Brian has collected over the years!

I first moved in with Brian and his flat mates in December and even though I lived there for over 4 months, it never felt like my home, it was just somewhere I was living, I had small part of Brian’s wardrobe in his room and a box for my makeup and that was pretty much it, I had no photo frames, décor or anything personal in that house for me to call in my home.

This time around with this new house, I have become so determined to make this house feel like my home, luckily for me, Brian is very carefree about what I put in the bedroom, which means I can go out and decorate the bedroom to make it feel more like a home, which I am very excited for, especially now I know that I will be in Auckland for the next 5 years, and I have no plans to return back to the UK I can go out and buy all sorts of different bits and bobs for the house and not have to worry about selling everything quickly before I have to leave NZ.. Watch out for the homewere hauls!

The house we have moved into much bigger and more modern so hopefully the winter will be durable considering there is no such thing as central heating over here and I was starting to feel the cold around March time in the old house! We have moved in with 2 of our original flat mates who are both Kiwi’s, and we have a new flatmate joining us later on in April who is from Chester, so I’m looking forward to having a fellow Englishman at home and someone to share roast dinners with!!

I’m excited for the adult responsibilities of renting a house for the first time, although I’m not sure I’ll be having the same thoughts 6 months down the line!! I’m excited for this new adventure that Brian and I have taken on, and I can’t wait to share this with you all as well!

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  • rosie
    2 years ago

    yay congrats!! it can be so so stressful but just remember, nothing is gonna happen over night!

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