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How to re-find your balance after overindulging

Winter is the one season where I find myself overindulging, I feast on the sweet stuff more than I normally would. I’m a massive advocate that there is always time for cake as part of a healthy lifestyle, but after a period of overindulging I start to feel sluggish and my body is craving to regain some balance.There are some simple natural ways that you can introduce to your every day to help you rediscover your balance and feel fabulous again.


After a period of eating ‘bad’ foods, I like to regain my balance by adding more fruit and vegetables into my diet rather than overindulging in processed foods. I don’t cut these types of foods completely out of my diet, however I tend to add extra vegetables to a meal or eat fruit as a snack rather than a piece of chocolate, it’s a great way to make sure that you are getting more vitamins and minerals into your daily routine, which is so important during the colder months as you are more likely to get unwell


Simply by swapping foods that you eat to less processed alternatives will give you a boost.  Something that is helping me achieve this is swapping my usual caffeinated morning coffee to Sapiens Tea, Yang, which is a lovely addition to my daily routine. Unlike some herbal teas, it’s not too sweet which works for me as you will know by that I am a savoury over sweet kind of girl, it contains a range of superfoods such as matcha and broccoli, I’ve always try to find herbal teas that provide a lot of health benefits but it can be difficult to find natural products to purchase in shops, and on-the-go, but I’ve found these teas so easy to carry around with me so I can use them on the go and get all of the health benefits I want as you can have this both hot and cold. Yang contains less than 9 calories per cup, such an easy and tasty way to introduce something natural into your day.

Sapiens Superfoods

A huge amount of care and attention goes into both of the Sapiens tea. Ying has become a big part of my night routine, designed to aid with rest and recovery it’s full of natural ingredients which are traditionally used to help sleep and allow you to fill relaxed, which is a great way to recharge after overindulging.


I’m a firm believer in getting the most nutrition into your meals, by adding more vegetables, but you can go one step further by supplementing your life with extra vitamins and minerals. One of my best friends suggested I tried taking women’s multi vitamins after I was feeling pretty low and was going through a cycle of constantly catching colds, and I cannot thank her enough. I can’t explain how much better I feel within myself by simply adding one extra tablet to my daily routine.


The weather being ‘too cold’ is a overused excuse to not exercising during the winter. After overindulging I feel gross within myself so I feel like I have to ‘exercise’ the bad food out of me. I’m not saying you have to throw yourself into some intense workout if you don’t want too, you need to find something that works for you and then stick to it! Even it’s a long walk in the park or a yoga session before bed. You should enjoy exercising and enjoy the benefits, so don’t force yourself to lift weights or run on the treadmill if you don’t want too!



I love love love keeping a journal, I find it so therapeutic to go through to positives and negatives of every day and focus on changing the aspects of my life I’m not happy with. When you journal everything from your food you eat to your habits everyday, you will eventually see a pattern in your mood and what can influence how you feel, I’ve noticed after I have overindulged and then started a ‘health kick’ my mood instantly lifts as soon as I start regaining balance.

So, there are some of my top natural tips on how to refind your balance and get back on track after a period of overindulgence.  I think it’s important to remember not to be too hard on yourself and not to feel guilty when eating treats because all food is good, whether it’s cake or a green smoothie.

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